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Release of migraines:
"Since I can remember, I have experienced severe migraines which interrupted with my personal and professional life. I tried many methods of healing, and was given different pills by my doctor, but nothing really seemed to work. Then I heard from Marta through a coworker of mine, and I booked a consultation with her. After 4 treatments, I started to notice a difference. Regular once a month visit enabled me to live pain free. Marta cleared away the blockages from around my head and neck area and filled them with healing light. Also, I started to make small lifestyle changes Marta recommended such as breathing exercises during the day, and being mindful of my thoughts. They made a big difference in the way I look at the world. To me and my family, it is a miracle that I'm able to be pain and stress free.” Edita S. 34, Toronto

Lower blood pressure:
"I was referred to Marta by a family friend and my goal was to lower my blood pressure. My doctor prescribed pills to me but they were too harsh on my system as I am sensitive to pills. Marta managed to lower my blood pressure by clearing off my energy centers and allowing for a better circulation. Her relaxing treatments feel wonderful and she managed to fixate my blood pressure at a certain level. In the beginning I saw her once a week, now once a month keeps my pressure under control. Besides the treatments, I am also more motivated to eat well, exercise regularly and use the breathing techniques Marta taught me. Overall, I feel this holistic healing has been really beneficial to my health.” Michael W. 54, Oakville

Injury, pain relief:
"As an aerobics instructor, I train about 4-5 times a week, which is quite straining on my body. On one of the occasions, I sprained my ankle and I was in a lot of pain. My doctor has ordered rest, and while we were waiting for the Xray results to come in, I was impatient and wanted an immediate relief of the pain I experiences. I found Marta on the internet and scheduled a Reiki healing appointment. Her treatment has worked wonders the pain started to ease almost right the way. I felt relaxed, and rejuvenated after the treatment. She definitely has the magical hands.” Dorina R. 27, Toronto

Diminished knee pain:
"I've been waiting for a knee surgery now about 6 months and my knees were hurting a lot. It has given me great difficulty to perform my daily work responsibilities. The pain interrupted my life. As an alternative, I started looking to see if there was any other healing method available other than the harsh medication. To my great surprise, Marta has proven that healing is possible. After 3-4 treatments I started to notice a difference and the doctor has comfirmed on the Xrays that the knee cells have been reformulating, allowing me to move around more freely. My surgery has been delayed, as a result I feel healed. I can now walk longer distances again and not feel the pain. Thank you Marta for giving my freedom back! Forever grateful." Margareth A., 62, Forest Hill.

A love story:
"When it comes to my work, I feel extremely confident in my abilities and achievements. However, my personal life didn't look so rosy a couple of years ago until I met Marta. I tried everything to find a good partner, read lots of self help books and hired a relationship coach. Even though I put in all the right efforts, somehow I only ever bumped into the wrong person, or the wrong relationship. My visit to Marta has completely changed my love life. She managed to clear away impurities from my Sacral chakra area (creativity, feminine characteristics), and Heart chakra area (self love and love for others), taking away painful childhood memories and karmic patterns. By opening up my energy centers, I noticed that nice men exist and they entered effortlessly into my life. All of a sudden, I started to feel appreciated by all the men I met. I appreciate chivalry and started receiving boquet of flowers from my new boyfriend. After about 3 treatments, Marta was able to balance my energies and to attract the right soul mate into my life. I met the man of my dreams at the age of 39 and he proposed 6 months after. Now I'm pregnant with our first child. I am forever grateful for the miracles of healing my love life through chakra balancing. Marta, you're an angel." Suzanne T., 40, Mississauga.

Finding my dream job, and balance in life once again:
"I am an IT professional and was sadly laid off a couple of years ago from my job, shortly after my first born son was born. The layoff came at the worst time. My wife and I had a hard time to make ends meet as she was a stay at home mom and we simply relied on my well paying job until one day it all changed. By the time I realized I needed help a year passed by with unsuccessful job search. I felt low self esteem, it was hard to get motivated to look for a job. I also found it hard to get up in the mornings and ended up getting into a lot of arguments with my wife. She encouraged me to take any job, however I knew that wouldn't help. Then, an idea came to find someone in Toronto who does Chakra balancing. I had one done before in Indonesia and I felt great benefits of that treatment years back. The first name that came up was Marta's. Her website looked professional and spoke to me. I booked an appointment and Marta was able to pinpoint the areas that needed improvement in my energy centers (chakra system). She removed blockages from my solar plexus (for anxiety and low self esteem), from my throat area (self expression), my crown chakra (to clear my thoughts), and my heart energy center (for self love and romantic love). After 3 consultations 21 days apart and following Marta's lifestyle recommendations, I started to see a dramatic change. I didn't only have 1 interview but 2, with two amazing companies that I could only dream of. Marta coached me through to feel confident on the interviews and I landed my current well paying job after 4 round of interviews. Thanks to the effort of encouragement of Marta's sessions, I was able to restore balance both in my professional and personal life. My whole family is truly grateful. Her skills come from ancient knowledge and transferred into the modern urban lifestyle. I highly recommend her services." Steve H., 38, Markham

Clearing and blessing our newly purchased home:
"My mother purchased an older house on the west side of Toronto, and on the day I was helping her move with my husband, we all felt strange energies like someone was following us, and moving things around. My mother had chills up her spine and felt dizzy so had to sit down. By the end of the day, we even got into an argument because we didn't seem to get anything done. Next day, I started researching on the internet about house clearing and blessing, although I was a little bit skeptical. Then, I decided to talk to a few close friends to see if anyone can recommend a person who could clear away the negative energies from the home. We even called our church but the priest could only be scheduled for a clearing 6 months away. We knew we couldn't wait that long. After some deliberation, we asked for recommendation from a friend who is a real estate agent. He immediately had Marta in mind for us, who we thought sounded very professional on the phone when setting up the appointment. She came over to the house a few days later, and sensed that someone living in the house prior to us had a very difficult life and committed suicide. She proceeded to let this person go and to help him pass on with peace. After the blessing the house started to feel much lighter and comfortable, we couldn't believe the difference. Everyone felt much happier in the house and we were able to finish moving in and getting my mother arranged. My mom eventually became friends with the neighbours, and one of them confirmed the sad incident that happened. The poor man used to be an alcoholic and couldn't bear the pain of his family leaving him. We are very relieved that this man's spirit has left in peace, we have all forgiven him. Marta’s friendly approach to spirits put us at ease during the process. She was very professional and the results speak for themselves.” Andrea S. 43, High Park

Blessing of business:
"I was considering purchasing a commercial space for my new hair dresser salon and had two choices at hand. I was very indecisive as both were quite close to each other with quite different layouts. Marta was referred to me through a good friend of mine, and called upon her help to check both for energy levels, and to see which one would bring me more prosperous results at the end. Her sensible equipment determined that one of them was the right fit for me. After I decided to purchase and renovate the space, Marta came again to bless my business. Now a year later, I feel very happy with my business venture, there are absolutely no issues with the premises. We have lots of customers, and even a new hair dresser and an aesthetician who now rent space from me. I feel abundance flowing in as everything is going so well and my profits are soaring. I am glad Marta helped me with my decision.” Ildiko M., 30 Budapest.

Wellness retreat:
"Last weekend I attended the Wellness Retreat that took place in Crystal Beach, it was given to me as a present for my birthday from a very special individual in my life. As soon as I got there I immediately felt at home and in the presence of someone who is truly a healer. Throughout the day, Marta lead us through Charka meditations and educated us on all the benefits crystals can have for healing our energies. At the end of the night, I decided to ask for a private Charka Assessment from Marta. As she began I immediately felt my heart open with joy, the walls had been broken and I was able to fully understand and appreciate each word of advice she gave me. As she went from my root chakra to my crown chakra, she provided me with scared messages from the divine that allowed my soul to have the closure it was seeking. The feeling of refreshment and clarity afterward has really motivated me to learn more about myself, my chakras, and how to live a life filled with blissfulness. This retreat has become the most precious gift I have ever received, and I am so grateful for experiencing it." Margaret N. 35, Toronto.


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