Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a form of hands-on healing that originated in Japan in the 1800’s. A deeply relaxing experience that eases pain, tension, and stress and balances the energy centres (Chakras) of the body, the result is an overall sense of well-being and peace. Reiki is capable of speeding up the healing process of injuries, gently realigning and detoxifying the body, and aiding in the recovery of emotional trauma.

Reiki healing can provide long-term relief because it doesn’t simply target the symptoms of illness but also the source, be it on a physical, emotional or mental level. The word Reiki means ‘universal life force energy’. The Reiki Master is a channel for this energy (also known as ‘chi’, ‘ki’ or ‘prana’), and when you receive the energy, healing can begin. A typical session lasts 60 minutes. You remain fully clothed while the practitioner channels the energy, gentle touching through a series of hand positions on or above the body.

What does Reiki feel like?

Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation and release of tension. You may feel a comforting warmth or heat, or multiple pleasant tingling sensations as the energy moves through your body. Others report a light floating feeling. Some people also see dream-like images or even physical colours during the healing.

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive and holistic method of healing. It can safely be combined with traditional medical treatments or other holistic practices, or can be experienced entirely on its own.

How should I prepare for a Reiki healing treatment?

Wear comfortable clothes. Do not drink any alcoholic beverages right before the treatment and try to be well-rested. It’s also a good idea to have a snack or light meal beforehand, although this is not mandatory.

Can I get Reiki healing treatment from Master Marta? 

Master Marta teaches Reiki healing on a monthly basis to student practitioners all across Canada, specializing in Energy (Chakra) Balancing. The results speak for themselves. Reiki training sessions are booked through her Reiki Junior Practitioners, while Master Marta herself offers only integrated Energy (Chakra) balancing treatments which include her famous Aura Assessment, Energy Clearing Treatment, Sound & Crystal Healing closed with Archangel Life Coaching. 

If you’re interested in taking any of her classes, feel free to check out the upcoming schedule:

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