In order to remain competitive in today’s market, successful companies need:

  • To possess a clear vision of their goals
  • The inspiration to be innovative in their approach to supplying their products and services
  • Leadership to guide individuals towards success
  • Teamwork to enable employees to keep up in today’s global marketplace

The practice of meditation helps make all of this possible. The Harvard Business School, along with INSEAD—Europe’s leading business school—have concluded from their research that the two most effective business tools for twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition. The benefits of meditation in the workplace are cumulative; they build on one another, starting with the individual and moving up the chain to have a positive impact on the performance of the business as a cohesive whole.

Meditation has been around for thousands of years, and it has survived all this time because it genuinely works. My passion for bringing meditation to the workplace stems from my time spent in the corporate world myself, where I suffered from the negative effects of stress almost every day of my working life. Today, I consider myself a ‘stress survivor,’ thanks in large part to my meditation practice. I therefore strive to teach the same techniques that have worked so well for me to full-time and business professionals.

I know from direct experience that meditation can benefit any individual or business in limitless ways. However, here are just the top five benefits that meditation brings to the business world:

  • Overall clarity and focus
  • Strengthened employee loyalty
  • Improved communication
  • Decreased absenteeism due to stress-related illnesses
  • Higher productivity
Office Meditations

Are you interested in bringing meditation into your office to improve the overall wellness of your employees and increase productivity? I have developed a specially tailored meditation program that can be implemented during lunchtime, after work or as a morning routine. Employees experience job satisfaction and better overall wellness as a direct result of this program.

The program includes ten 40-minute sessions in which we cover the following: a15-minutes introduction of the core concept, 15-minute. practice exercise, 10-minute discussion and finally, closing practice. These techniques have been specifically designed for the office environment and do not require special meditation cushions or other equipment. The sessions are held in the boardroom in chairs, maximizing the available time and proceeding efficiently. Corporate customers are very happy with the results, as all employees can then apply the techniques they have learned to their daily lives with ease.

We cover the following topics:

  1. The basic information of meditation and its numerous benefits
  2. Learning a simple guided visualization technique that can be implemented at any time during the day
  3. Mindfulness I: using mindfulness to appreciate the present moment
  4. Mindfulness II: more about mindfulness and how it can be applied to daily life
  5. Body scanning to release physical tension
  6. Mantras and singing to heighten the mental experience
  7. Chakras: what are they and how to energize them
  8. Crystals: how to use them in your daily practice
  9. Vipassana: learning to appreciate silence
  10. Summary of all classes
  11. to 20: More advanced techniques such as EFT Tapping, Manifestation and Transcendental Meditation

Further sessions are available upon request. Many companies choose to continue the sessions for up to 2-3 years. You may alternatively add mini-energy healing sessions at the end for an additional fee. I am also able to bring my practitioners for larger corporate events as an Energy Healing Booth. Transportation costs may apply depending on location within the GTA. All general prices are based on the Financial District of Downtown Toronto. Feel free to check out the Office Wellness Package under the Prices section and contact me directly for any questions.

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