Have you wondered what is holding you back from achieving your dreams and full potential? Are you fascinated by the subconscious and trying to find answers how to release your limiting beliefs? Then this training is for you! Recent years have seen interest explode in the potential for Brain and Mind Sciences to change lives. Finally, some Evidence-based Practitioner Training that makes lifelong change possible.

This 6 weeks Coaching Training will enable transformational changes in your life. We will begin by defining purpose, which prepares clients for the FLOW STATE, a heightened state of consciousness. Then six modules leveraging tools to, Modify Behavior, Mindset, Beliefs, and Emotional IQ. The Nudge Theory, Mental Contrasting with II (MCII), and the latest Social Psychology and Mind Theory research. Neuroplasticity and the Brain’s unique ability to adapt. Creating a sustainable, attainable Blueprint for Change. Tools to support change so you and your clients can live a purposeful life and have the tools to achieve excellence. Ideal for coaches as well as clients!

For more info please email to melinda.executive.coach@gmail.com or check out this page for more info!

Neuro Change Master training
Neuro Change Master