Do you feel blocked in certain areas of your life? Do you have dreams and goals but not certain how to reach them? Are you looking for your life purpose? Life Coaching is an excellent tool for that! After getting an energetic cleanse, Marta recommends life coaching for a number of reasons. Whether you want a more clear life purpose or you want some guidance along your way to success this is one of the most popular services.

In the first discovery session, your life coach, Marta will ask you a series of questions to better understand you as a person! Then in the next four sessions we will work on creating a mind map and actions steps. After the four initial sessions we do follow ups once a month in person or over the phone to ensure you stay on the right track and achieve your goals! All sessions are infused with meditations and the guidance of archangels in order to work with your heart and soul’s desire.

Recommended time to commit to coaching:
– min. 6 months to 1 year.

  • Best results can be achieved in these situations:
    – you are going through a professional transition
    – you’re ready to take charge of your life
    – looking for your life purpose
    – faced with a challenge and want a gentle guidance beside you
    – ensuring your success is divinely guided
Helping people improve their lives by guiding and supporting them through their transition.
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