Assessing health and physiological balance is a challenge as old as mankind. Finding the signs and learning the right language that your body speaks, led healthcare practitioners on many exciting avenues. While regular, western medicine gravitates towards the analytical, interrogative diagnostics, the body’s own, natural ways of expressing itself are increasingly neglected.

Iridology aims to preserve the notion that you can listen to your body and its inherent ways of signalling your health condition and fluxes of your well-being. By reading your iris, the natural “ledger” of the body, you can learn the status and progress of your health-defining events, that take place inside your biological system. 

When you visit us, our Iridology Practitioner; Peter will help you understand the messages your body sends through your iris. As an interpreter he will discuss with you how the landscape of your health condition appears through your eye. Based on the experience of many doctors and health assessment specialists collected over two centuries, the art of iridology will help you understand what your body says through its most colorful display.

In close collaboration with the Alternative Healer team, we are going to give you recommendation on the priorities you can focus on in your everyday routines, to regain balance and have a fruitful life in harmony with your body. We believe in the truly holistic approach of physiological and spiritual health, and our team will consider every aspect of your life and health that we learn together with you. 

After your first visit we recommend follow-up iris assessments every 2 moths, so we can see that your body agrees with the improvements you made for your health, and to ensure that your inner processes are leading you towards a balanced and energized life.

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