Energetic cleansing for your home or business can significantly improve the energies contained within that space. In releasing stagnant energies, we help you feel much lighter! Many clients request this service just before or after moving into a new home or office space, or because they feel ill or strange energies in their home.

Have you ever experienced uncomfortable chills when entering a particular room or space, as though you’re in the presence of someone or something unwelcome? Some people avoid certain rooms in their own homes or are afraid to be left alone in certain spaces because they feel like someone is watching.

An earthbound spirit is one that has chosen not to cross over when they pass from the physical world. In resisting the urge to continue over into the afterlife, the spirit becomes earthbound; a disembodied spirit, caught halfway between life and death but still attuned to the human dimension. An earthbound spirit is in most cases harmless – he or she might simply enjoy the presence of the house in which they’re connected and have a strong desire to help their loved ones still in the physical realm. The problem with this is that because these spirits have no physical energy to exist, they resort to borrowing the energy of living people who share the same space.

A typical clearing takes about an hour, but depending on the size of the house could take up to 3 or 4 hours. As a result of releasing a spirit, you will feel much lighter and your apartment, house, business or any other area will have a positive flow of energy. The house cleansing and blessing can be especially beneficial when moving in or out of a location. For this reason, many real estate agents use this service. Clients report the house selling faster or being able to complete the move easily and smoothly. There are also many other benefits in clearing the energies of your home, business or other private space. Contact me today for an expert opinion or consultation.

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