Are you an HR professional or business owner? Is your company in need of a mental boost? Are your employees lacking energy or performing at low productivity? What are some of the things you can do to clear the energies? Office Meditations and Energy Clearing sessions are specifically designed with the business environment in mind to compliment any kind of wellness program!

Companies with low levels of productivity often have the ability to achieve much more, but have factors holding them back from reaching their full potential. These factors lead to money being wasted and ground being lost to competitors. Employees who are experiencing personal problems or difficulties at work tend to be less productive, and low energy, stress and poor health can contribute to equally low levels of productivity. The energies in the office might result from one or several different types of stress such as difficult customers, overwhelming workloads, negative thinking or workplace politics.

My specialty lies in clearing the space of any negative energies that no longer serve the company or its best interests, and in blessing the space for good fortune, peaceful interactions and abundance. Companies who offer in-house meditation sessions during lunchtime and clear away negative energies can help to significantly decrease stress levels and in turn, significantly increase the satisfaction of employees.

Business Tune Up – Energy Clearing for your Office

Is your small business, office or retail store lacking in flourishing energies? This is a great opportunity to allow me to come in for an assessment, and subsequently provide cleansing, blessing and healing for your professional space. The energies will lighten and your customers will start shopping more, while your employees will have higher levels of satisfaction and productivity. Increase the flow in your work space today with the Office Wellness package.

Office Meditations

Lunchtime meditation sessions are becoming increasingly popular with employers. These sessions are 40 minutes long, usually held in a meeting space or boardroom, and can bring about fantastic results after ten or twenty sessions. Your employees will experience a greater sense of peace and harmony, allowing them to regain their focus and drive. They will learn a variety of meditation techniques that can work in any business environment and can be used at any time without interrupting the flow of work. As a result of renewed energies, employees will feel more balanced, their productivity will increase and your revenues will grow.

“Marta’s Office Wellness package is the best investment your office can make! She cleared the stagnant energies and taught our staff 10 sessions of effective and wonderful Business Meditations.”

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