The effectiveness of Chakra Balancing has been documented throughout the likes of Egypt, China and India. It has been traditionally used to balance, strengthen and rejuvenate the Chakra system. Chakra Balancing works by infusing the corresponding coloured light into our Energy Centers, or Chakras. Each colour is represented by its own unique wavelength and energy. That energy relates to the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and in turn, resonates with the energy of each of the seven main Chakras.

Imagine the Chakras like the workings of a clock or an engine; each cog or wheel needs to move smoothly and at a similar speed for the clock or engine to work properly. During each Chakra Balancing session, I clear away the gray, clogged, negative frequencies of the energy system and replace this up with ‘universal light’. This feels like a laser beam made up of different colours, and many people say they can actually see this flowing into their body. Take the Chakra Quiz  to discover which of your Chakras are in need of improvement.

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Have you been wondering what it is that’s continuing to hold you back from achieving your full potential in life? Have you been doing all the right things (yoga, meditation, eating healthy, exercising) but still feel that you’re missing an important ingredient? Are you looking for a complete treatment plan that encompasses the secret to unlock your full potential in all areas of your life? Are you ready to release all the barriers hindering your way? Restore balance in your body, mind and spirit today! Read below to understand the 4-step process that will be covered during the session. Your recommended number of treatments will be determined during the assessment, usually ranges from 3 to 10 sessions for maximum results. Book your treatment today!

Healing benefits of the Integrated (Chakra) Energy Balancing:

As a whole, this Chakra Balancing treatment will have you immediately feeling more centered, aligned, relaxed and rejuvenated as all of your stagnant energy is cleared away. You will be able to feel your energy centers being balanced, as well as to better understand and appreciate your past experiences. As your energies are shifted around your body, you gain alignment with your Higher Self. After the session, I provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan pointing out the areas that need improvement, and always give encouragement and coaching throughout the healing process.

Step 1: Energy (Aura) Assessment

This initial assessment takes about 30 minutes, during which time the client opens up about his or her specific problems and needs. This involves an examination of the energy fields (Aura) around your body. I use Dowsing Rods to determine what areas of your energy are stagnant and what blocks are preventing them from flowing smoothly. I then prepare a Chakra map and discuss the findings with you directly.

Step 2: Energetic Cleanse (Shamanic Methods)

Both client and healer tunes in to receive divine healing at this point, and the client sets three intentions to releasing their obstacles and healing stagnancy. I then proceed to clear away negative energy with an ancient Native Indian technique called Smudging. I will guide you through the release of this energy, which is able to be felt through continuous deep breathing. Finally, Palo Santo herb is used to burn away any remaining impurities.

Step 3: Chakra Balancing with Crystals & Sound Healing

Your unique energy healing treatment ensures complete relaxation and comfort as I use my healing modalities, and a combination of Reiki and Psychic Surgery to release deeply-embedded negative energies. During treatment, clients often report seeing their energy frequencies as Chakra colours. These frequencies work to regenerate cells and organs deeply and naturally while I work through your energy fields at both the front and back of the body. I also combine Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy and Aromatherapy techniques to rejuvenate these energies before treatment is closed with a guided meditation.

Step 4: Consultation, Oracle Card Reading and Angel Life Coaching

Once the Chakra Balancing session is over, end results of the healing energy can be checked with the Dowsing Rods. Your Chakra map can be updated with your new results. I consult directly with you regarding any messages that may have come through from the Angels or Spirit Guide during treatment, and carry out an Angelic card reading to receive and impart a closing message. Because Chakra Balancing is about ongoing healing and its long-term effects, I also provide lifestyle advice about how to continue seeing positive results. Follow-ups are recommended every 3 weeks for a min. of 4 sessions to start seeing a shift. These shifts can be life-changing both in your professional or personal life. It’s good to be about the area you want to approve on so Master Marta can help you better achieve that goal. Her integrated energy healings are superb and #1 in the GTA. She has trained over 150 Reiki practitioners and offers her famous integrated sessions at the Alt. Healing Centre by the Lake. Make sure to book your appointment now. Click on the below button and select “Initial Integrated Energy Healing”.