Master Marta is an Archangel Life Coach & Psychic Medium who can measure your energy field (Aura) and see where the energy blocks are. Therefore she can gain an understanding of your chakra system and current challenges in life. During the 20 mins. Aura Reading and receiving messages Master Marta can draw you a chakra map which describes exactly what’s happening in your life. Based on the measurements and initial discussion we will start working on the problem areas. Our energy centers or chakras are connected with every area of your life so getting a reading will allow you to better understand the root cause of your problems. Many physical aliments have emotional roots. For example if someone has an unexplainable knee pain it may mean that the person is unable to move forward, and blocking themselves. We can then find the limiting belief or block in your body and release this sensation.  

During the treatments Master Marta works with a league of angels such as Archangel Michael for Protection, Archangel Raphael for Healing, Archangel Metatron for Chakra Balancing and Quantum healing, Archangel Chamuel for Romantic Life and Archangel Jophiel for bringing Joy. As a result, you will fully benefit from the wonderful gifts of healing the angels provide from the higher realms. Marta is able to connect with the angels and also to receive messages for guidance for her client’s life. Therefore, we recommend you book your integrated initial integrated energy healing session to fully experience the loving healing the Angels provide. The Integrated Energy Healing combines all of her modalities including Crystal, Angel, Chakra, Quantum healing and Psychic Surgery. She has over 15 years experience in the field of energy healing and able to create energetic shifts for people to gain higher frequencies and vibrations for the law of attraction in their lives. 

In addition, Master Marta teaches Angel, Chakra and Crystal therapy along with Reiki healing classes. to those wanting to know how to connect with their angels for guidance. The angels are wonderful messengers who help guide us when they are called.  Enjoy the angelic work Master Marta does through her Integrated Energy Healing treatments or check for her upcoming Angel classes. Book your session below!