$2,800.00 $2,399.00

6 months Training (150 hrs.)

Reiki Level 1, 2 & Master Certification
Chakra Healing Certification
Angel Therapy Certification
Crystal Healing Certification
Dowsing Rods & Pendulums
Reiki Business training
25 Practice hours & 2 Coaching hours with Master Marta

FREE Meditation E-book (online)
FREE Reiki books

Evaluations, Preparation for Insurance & Opening Practice


Master Marta has put together a comprehensive Reiki Master Practitioner Course (150 hours) covering the main modalities she works with on a regular basis, allowing light-workers to become apprentices. The recommended time period to complete this course is 6 months, and it includes lessons from the most important healing foundations up. Take this course to learn everything you need to know to heal yourself and others. This certification will allow you to begin work in a spa or yoga studio.

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