$540.00 $440.00

Initial Energy (Chakra) Assessment & Map
3 Chakra Balancing sessions
1 Skype Healing session
10% off Condo Blessing
FREE Crystal Healing E-book
FREE Chakra Workbook
Bonus: 1 blessed Healing Crystal


Have you wondered what is holding you back? Is it related to past pain, or unresolved events/situations in your life? Try Marta’s specialty Chakra balancing treatment featured on TV, and release any blockages that are standing in your way! This energy healing package will allow you to find your center once again, and to live life to your full potential. Kindly note this is a deep healing session therefore we need the allocated for each session. This starter package includes the Initial Energy (Chakra Assessment) and 4 Chakra balancing treatments for best results!

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