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“Back-to-Work” Healing Special:

Are you looking to “Boost Your Energies” and feel fabulous summer of 2020? Try this 4-pack “Back-to-Work” Healing Special designed to leave the Winter Blues and Covid-19 fears behind! Boost your energies and feel great again!

Sessions included are:

  • 75 mins. Follow-up Integrated Energy Balancing session with Master Marta (value $125)
  • 60 mins. Reiki Healing Junior Practitioners at the healing centre (value $90)
  • 45 mins. Iriodology Medical Assessment with Dr. Peter Tamas (value $110)
  • 90 mins. Award Winning Slimming Lymphatic Drainage Massage or European Rejuvenating Facial with Mony (value $125)
  • Mindfulness Meditation e-book (value $20)

The package is a savings of $90

We welcome you in June after the clinic re-opens. Until then Remote Healing sessions can greatly benefit your mental and emotional well-being! After your purchase feel free to use the booking tool on top of the home page to select best suited time and date 🙂 Can’t wait to have you all in our clinic!


Are you feeling drained mentally and emotionally from Covid19 fears? Are you looking to renew your energies and feel fabulous for Spring and Summer 2020? Try this 4 pack Healing Special! Sessions can be used towards to Remote Energy Balancing now or Reiki, Iriodology Assessment, Facial, Lymphatic or Relaxing Massage after the clinic re-opens.

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