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Marta M. Pap - Owner
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Wellness Coach

My own journey into alternative healing started many years ago, while I was juggling a busy corporate career as an Investment Advisor with the demands of a busy urban lifestyle. The pressure was taking the best of me, and I could not help but wonder how to bring more harmony into my life and sustain it. Realizing the benefits of Yoga and Reiki helped me see the possibility of healing without the harsh chemicals found in medications. The more I learned about the intricate work of the human body , Chakra centres and Energy systems, the more I wanted to put this knowledge into practice.

I became fascinated by the miraculous results that energy healing provided to the many individuals I came in contact with. I traveled around the world and studied with the best masters to discover the ancient healing practices. I feel that I can incorporate and share my discoveries with you. I continue to grow by practicing Meditation and Yoga, and by receiving the guidance of God and channeling through the Archangels.

The healing I offer helps my clients increase energy, improve balance, enrich relationships, and find more joy in life.

Healing Qualifications
  • 2005: Reiki healing level 1 &2, Belinda Wong, Toronto
  • 2006: Channeling of passed away souls, Natural gift emerges, Toronto
  • 2007: Yoga Practicioner, Vinyasa flow, Pancho & Beatrix. Thailand
  • 2007: Thai Yoga Massage Certification, Sunshine village, Thailand
  • 2008 : Angel Therapy Certification, Arcadia Spiritual Institute, Budapest
  • 2009: Crystal Therapy Certification, Arcadia Spiritual Institute, Budapest
  • 2010: Psychic surgery level 1,2,3 & 4, Dr. Imre Kercselis, Budapest
  • 2011: Reiki Master course, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Toronto
  • 2012: Reiki Teacher Training, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Toronto
  • 2012: Mediumship Training, Gail Thackray, Toronto
  • 2013: Chakra Therapy Teacher Training,Toronto
  • 2013: Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Preventative Health Services, Toronto
  • 2015: Archangel Life Coach, Doreen Virtue, USA
  • 2016: Life Coach Certificate, Transformation Arts College, Toronto
  • 2017: Past Life Regression, American Hypnosis Association, USA
  • 2017: Therapeutic Hypnosis, American Hypnosis Association, USA
  • 2018: Masters of Psychotherapy, University of Toronto
  • Masters of Counselling & Psychotherapy (UofT 2018-2020) Workplace stress-management, Career transitions and Family counselling combined with Energetic Medicine
  • Bachelor of Education (UofT 2007-2008) Special education & Business studies specialty
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Ryerson University 1999-2003) Finance major & Marketing minor